Shadez 2 Indestructotank AE Army of Destruction Snipdown Warfare 1944
Battalion Vengeance Special Ops Tank 2008 Tank Tactics Battle Gear 2
Military Rescue Art of War 2 Sea of Fire 2 Rescue Mission Shadez
Heavy Truck Alios Army Turret Defense 2 Droid Army Worm Hex Wars
Here at the best type of army games have been put before you on this website. There are several categories or army games which gives you plenty of gaming variety to keep you entertained. Many of the games fall under the category shooting games because this mainly what soldiers tend to do on the battlefield! But there are various flavours of shooting games. There's turrent defense where the aim is to defend your territory from the advancing enemy with the use of a large turret. You control the turret to slaughting the various types of army unit moving in to your line of sight. This game has a unique graphical style and conssits of a side view perspective. Next there is Snipedown, which is also a side view game but the gameplay is completely different. The idea is shot shoot enemies moving from side to side, using your sniper scope to gun them down. The precision of you point and click skills is truely tested in this game, as the number of enemy increases, with additional skills aimed at avoiding your arim.
More army games which you might like is under the strategy genre, which are a bit more methodical than the action pact shooter genre. Here we have Sea of Fire 2 for you to enjoy, which is an isometretic style real time strategy (RTS) game. In this game you must construct buildings to to produce miliarty units as a part of your war machine fighting against the enemy forces. There is also Battalion Vengeance which is one of several turn based games in the series. In contrast to the RTS games, you have time to decide how you want to battle against the enemy. You have several types of ground troop, tanks, plus Surface to Air Missle Launches at your disposal. Shadez is also a uniquely present army strategy game which you should have a go at playing. As the name hints at, everything is in the form of a shadow, which makes for intersting viewing. This is quite an in depth military game where you can create various types of building to fuel your war machine. These building allow you to create many types of soldier plus armed vehicles such as choppers and tanks.
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